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Oh manOh man, this is good. I really needed this. As both a writer and an individual surrounded by my current community, I need to learn how to effectively communicate my ideas. I want to change not only my life, but the world around me. Sooo bad. How do I present my ideas of a different life which may sound so foreign, and at times offensive, to those around me? I think the biggest key is to empathize with the audience. It’s not about me, but it’s about them. It’s not about my ideas, but about them becoming empowered.
If you want to communicate your ideas more effectively, take a little time to read through this article and watch the video of Nancy Duarte. It’s definitely given me some good insight and pointers.

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Stepping onto the TED or TEDx stage — or speaking in front of any group of people, for that matter — is truly nerve-wracking. Will you remember everything you wanted to say, or get so discombobulated that you skip over major points? Will the audience be receptive to your ideas, or will you notice a guy in row three nodding off to sleep?

Presentation expert Nancy Duarte, who gave the TED Talk “The secret structure of great talks,” has built her career helping people express their ideas in presentations. The author of Slide:ology and Resonate, Duarte has just released a new book through the Harvard Business Review: The HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations.

The TED Blog talked with Duarte in her California office about what makes a killer presentation, as well as about how giving her own TED Talk shaped her thoughts on presenting.

What would…

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    • I could perhaps write an entire post in response to your comments, but I’ll try and be brief.
      I propose that much of what this lady is saying actually is “speaking the truth in love.” As I mentioned, emphathizing with the audience is a big key. As the old saying goes, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” My message isn’t about me, but rather, about helping others. I know so many people and ministries (I’m thinking of one in particular) who have great messages that the world needs to hear- but they forget to connect with the listeners. Instead of trying to meet the needs of the audience and connect on their level, these people alienate and offend their audience by repeatedly degrading their ideas and thoughts and demanding that they rise up to their level instead. And for this reason, their important message is rejected, and anyone else speaking something similar will also be dismissed. My particular aim in blogging is to take my pride out of my work. It is hard, but I know it’s necessary if I want to be heard. I’ve got to stop thinking I’m Ms. Hotshot know-it-all and the rest of you are all idiots who need serious education. Who wants to listen to someone telling you how dumb you are? That edge has got to be ripped from my thinking and absent from my writing if I am to be effective.

      As far as being marketable, I’m coming to think that’s what life is all about. Everybody all the time is selling something, and there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself. We sell ourselves to get work, either during an interview for a job or by promoting our products to prospective clients. We have to convince people that our talents and ideas are worth investing in, that we and/or our services/products will help them enjoy and take advantage of life to its fullest. We sell our ideas of religion, politics, entertainment, etc etc. in simple conversation. We may not think of it as “selling”, but what else is it? For example, one of my desires is that people take their health seriously. This is a good and noble cause. So how do I “sell that idea” to someone? How to I get people to really consider it? I tell my own story in words that they will relate to. I show them that their current standard of living is unsatisfying- I draw out their pre-existing desire to live with passion and vigor and show them that they aren’t living that way. I then show them that a life of passion and vitality is truly possible. I explain how addressing their lifestyles through diet, exericise, etc., will help them achieve that goal of a satisfying and passionate life. Basically, I’m “selling” them a message. I want them to buy it.
      In and of itself, selling isn’t bad. Marketing isn’t bad. It’s how we make it through life, in business and in relationships. The problem is when we’re selling something worthless, fake, or we’re trying to sell something good by appealing to evil tactics- which truly isn’t going to sell them the right thing. I don’t like people “selling” the Gospel by making it more user-friendly in ways that waters-down or undermines the truth. Those who buy aren’t actually buying the TRUE Gospel. I want to share, or “market”, the Gospel, but I’m going to do so in a correct and righteous way.

      As I am venturing into “public speaking” (ha, that includes simple conversation, something I’ve never been great at), I think what this lady presented will help me say what I want/need to say in the most effective and efficient manner. I don’t want to bore or offend my audience, be it a crowd, blog readers, or family and friends in conversation.

  1. I do not want to be a public speaker . I am good at it as far as a lot of people are concerned, but I find I need to heed Proverbs 10:19. Difficult to keep from sinning the more I speak.

    • I never wanted to be a public speaker either, but I see my journey taking me in that direction. Ha… it’s funny how many things I said I’d NEVER do and NEVER be good at, and now suddenly I find myself doing them… and liking it?
      I always liked that verse, but have found I use it as an excuse to remain timid when I am to be bold. (Jeremiah 20:7-12). I find I sin most when I keep my mouth shut.
      Maybe the more correct way to say it is that I should shutup more at home, as I can often become very negative and repetative, but that I need to speak up more in public, as my tone and reason for speaking is motivated more by love. It’s so different when you’re actually faced with another human being, and you see how fragile and needy people truly are. I become ashamed of my wrong attitudes that I harbor in private.

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