My Favorite Summer Secret

When the weather is nice, and the sun is shining, there is one place I need to be. Yorktown Virginia is like a secret hide out for beach dwellers, history buffs, and those outdoorsy folks. Normally if people like the beach, Virginia Beach is all they will ever talk about. If they like history, well what could be better than Colonial Williamsburg? Not to mention a pretty famous amusement park is just a few exits down the highway.

But for those of us ‘in the know’, there is a lovely little spot called Yorktown. If you like history, there are battle grounds, monuments, cave hideouts, and centuries old houses. If you like camping, hiking, and all those sporty things, you can go crazy.

And though all of it is wonderful, I go for the BEACH. It’s small, and manmade, but completely serene. On any given day you will families, people walking their dogs, tall-ships giving tours of the bay, and me with a good book and my camera. You won’t find the crowd of Virginia Beach. There are few tourists (if any). One end is totally dedicated to the beach bums, like myself; and another side with a pier for fishing and crabbing. *ahem dinner please??*

OF COURSE no day in Yorktown would be complete without the mandatory stop at the ice cream shop, triple scoop is a must!

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